segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Happy Birthday For Us!

One year ago i had the idea to create a fan club in Brazil dedicated to my idol and biggest inspiration Matt Montgomery,most known as Piggy D.,with the intention to gather a little the fans he has here and especially promote all of his works, so make him more known.
 Now you should be wondering : why would she do all this for a guy that lives on the other side of the ocean, has thousands of other fans and doesn't even know she exists ?!  
Well, the first moment that i read about him i really was delighted for this guy. Whoa,his story, the way he treats his fans, the affection he transmits in each word, his jokes, joy of living life, his laughter (i really love that, it's absolutely cute haha), all the support he always gives to those who belive his dreams and also many other qualities that he has.
So, i would like to thank you Matt for all attention,affection,support that you always give for us on this one year. Sorry if sometimes we bothered you in some moment, it was not our intention and you can always count on our total and absolute support in all your projects.
I'm Rafaela Silva here but i'm writing in name of all Matt Montgomery Brazil team . Sorry, i'm really not good with words but i wanted you to know that here in Brazil there are people that have a big admiration for you as the professional/musician Piggy D. and as the person Matt Montgomery.
Thank you for everything, dude!

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